My Mat. The Best Gateway Drug


I leave my yoga mat at the front door. When I wake up in the morning, I see it there, just serenely waiting for me. I strategize right away, “I will get to that warm studio and my mat today!” Then, the am duties consume me. Brushing kids hair, making lunches for school, cleaning up breakfast, making beds, putting in laundry and unloading the dishes. “Check! One step closer to you ..” I say, to that pink grippy mat staring back at me.

I get kids to school, decide how to savor time with the littlest daughter for the day and as I pass the front door, there’s the mat again. Just waiting. I think about yoga retreats. You know, the kind in Bali, Mexico or heck, even Montana!! Oo-la-la. Imagine that pink mat on location! 😌

I pick up toys, serve a second breakfast to our always-energetic five-year old, file though papers from the girls’ backpacks, fold Old Navy little girls’ clothing and think, “I really like those new yoga pants on the rack at the studio.” Eeek!! I catch myself. The mat has it’s downside too 😂.

But perhaps the most alluring part of my mat infatuation is the introspection that’s occurred since practicing yoga.

With my mat, came yoga. With yoga, came openness to new adventures. With openness to new adventures, came openness to myself. With openness to myself, came stronger breath. With stronger breath, came a deeper connection to others. And with deeper connections to others, came a more pure life, full of mistakes and challenges, but also accepting of how beautiful all of life is unfolding.

Here’s to all the things that allow us to see ourselves and others in a more genuine way.

Namaste 🙏🏻

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