Vantage Point


Well, I have toilet paper.  That’s a good thing!  It took me four stores within a 5 miles radius to find this item.  Curious isn’t it? I’m not sure why this item is disappearing from shelves by the dozen but for now, our cheeks are covered.

This week, nearly every event for work has been postponed. A major school-wide event for the girls’ Elementary School, our annual Move-a-Thon is also, as of today, postponed. Our spring break trip has been cancelled and the opportunity to see a lot of my east coast family, has been postponed.   Any summer travel plans are of course, frozen and as of now, postponed.  Plans to celebrate our youngest daugher with her friends for her 8th bday are postponed.  The beginning of flag football season for one of our daughters is canceled until further notice as are track meets for our 9thgrader…all of which are being canceled or postponed.  Everything is coming to a swift yet temporary, halt. So, like all big things I have ever gone through in my life, I chose to write and release.

Here is where I stand right now, on the state of the coronavirus because if I don’t write about this, I may just blow through more stores unnecessarily hoarding toilet paper… ha!

#1. Media-Distancing

I hear a lot about “social distancing.”  But for me, I am replacing this with “media distancing.”  Because you know what? We all have PLENTY of information on this beast of a sickness.  I am not ignoring raw facts or the development of the daily changes of the spread of the coronavirus, I am just choosing to not sit in it ALL-DAY-LONG!  Yesterday, I  spent an hour in our backyard eating berries and watching a morning dove with our daughters.  That was all. Just listening and watching and enjoying because the afternoon was beautiful and this little dove had a lot to say!  Why not tune into nature as we balance all the heavy news.  This in fact, is more important than ever.


#2.  Self-Quarantine

That’s right.  I am choosing each day to remove myself from everyone even if just for a half an hour to walk and process all the flurry of worry in the air.  I am, like everyone else, feeling the crazy and having a time by myself without any phone or anyone else with me to just walk and take in the details of the day or the season really supports me in feeling grounded and able to handle all the crazy!  I noticed poppies and lupen blooming in my own neighborhood yesterday and like many beautiful things, these flowers were growing right though cracks in the concrete.  “There is a crack in everything.  That is how the light gets in,” Cohen said.  Let’s be the light.  Especially during trying times.


#3.  Traveler Attire

If you can’t travel, dress like a tourist.  This is my new mantra.  It’s no surprise that many people have canceled their trips for spring.  And though it was absolutely the right thing to do on many levels, those of us who are lovers of new adventures are feeling the loss!  So, yesterday I decided to put on what I call my “London Fog” look and go for it.  Why not?!  Staying light-hearted keeps us all with perspective too.


#4.  Wash Hands and Open Your Heart

If you have kids, you are never without the ask of, “Wash your hands sweetie!”  I literally just bought the last remaining bar soap at our neighborhood grocery store this morning.  It was sitting there like a lonely soldier next to empty shelves of what used to be, you guessed it, toilet paper.  As our girls come in from their various schools, my first words and actions remain the same..Hug, long hold, question : “How was your day?” or “What made your day good?” followed by, “Please wash your hands well and then I want to hear more about your day!”  You know what my girls are sharing as of recent?!  A whole lot of mis-information they are overhearing about the Coronavirus at school and amongst their peers and simple in passing. So, I am working at responding to each of their statements with honesty, an open heart and a reminder that communities are always made stronger through adversity.


#5.  Use Jazz Hands

Can you believe it?!  FINALLY, it’s more than cool to use Jazz hands, than any other North American greeting!  It’s actually helpful and considerate!  How awesome is this?!  Throw your hands up, wave your fingers like you just don’t care and send positivity to everyone through this old-school, but newly and happily accepted, hand gesture!


#6.  Show Up and Be of Service

Check in on a friend.  Lighten their day with good conversation or humor.  Deliver someone their favorite espresso drink or take out the trash cans for a neighbor.  SHOW UP with your acts of service in simple ways because there is nothing that is better for our hearts, nor immune systems for that matter, than loving and serving others. Period.


In photography, when composing my shot, I try at least three different vantage points.  Often times the image I have in my head may be one thing but after I try one or two other vantage points I find there is a more interesting way to tell the story.  The one that offers more light and luminousity to the image I am capturing is always my favorite.  We each can chose our vantage point as we trouble-shoot every layer of challenge we are all facing.


Stay healthy.  Stay close to home and family.  Drink and eat your Vitamin C.  Use jazz hands from inside your mini-van as frequently as you like, steer clear of media when it is feeling saturating, give yourself time to absorb everything happening, dress like a tourist to keep things fun, wash hands often and always put matters of the heart first, show up for others as often as you can and chose your perspective.

A well-lit vantage point can be an incredible gift.


With Love and Sincerity,


AKA Mama Stump


7 thoughts on “Vantage Point

  1. I’m going to need to self quarantine myself from all the coronavirus info too. Poor kids must be so overwhelmed.


  2. Thank you for bringing a breath of fresh air in all this crazy. Love your posts and your appreciation for all things. Xoxo


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