Rock Solid


Do you remember when your kids were little, preschool age or younger and it seemed that the gift they were always able to muster was a painted rock on Mother’s Day?  The way their little hands gifted them with proud eyes looking up at you, imprinting your memory bank in the most tender of ways was so heart-felt.  Letters drawn with serious awkward effort to signify the special day and colors mixed together, dripped across tables and concrete paths in the backyard to remind you for weeks how much effort it took to create this tiny, offbeat gift.

You might have also received other Mother’s Day gifts that hold special meaning for you.  Maybe it was in the form of a special occasion.  This Mother’s Day, moms are not gathering to have a luncheon with their family, or a walk with all their besties or a get together for spa day. None of these events, however, were the backbone of what filled up our cup or made us feel truly appreciated. What we all loved most was the gathering.  It was the togethernessthat we longed for. This year, all of this looks and feels so different.

The truth is COVID-19 has unearthed a lot of within us all.  For parents, its tested our limits in all new ways.  For mothers, it has asked us to work harder than we ever have before.  And as history has shown throughout the decades, we as women, have risen to the occasion.  Here are my wishes for moms across the globe.

For all the mothers who have lost their children too soon, may your dreams be filled with memories of your precious child tonight especially. 

For all mothers who have lost their jobs and are worrying about how to provide for their children, may you feel collective support from all mothers.

For all mamas-to-be, may you have the nurture and care that you deserve and may you feel your entire support network around you even though they can’t be close by.

 For all mothers who are working from home, while managing virtual school, may you continue to find the well of ingenuity within yourself to make this work.

 For all mothers who have children dealing with medical fragility during this time, may the angels of strength and protection be with you and your children. 

For all mothers who are lonely, know you have an assemblage of women universally praying for you. 

 For all mothers who need help coping during this time, but cannot have anyone enter their shelter-in-place space; you are not alone.  You are being held and seen by all the mothers who came before you.

 For all mothers who are feeling most vulnerable during COVID, may you have the blessing of your community or friends to deliver your groceries or bring you back-yard floral bouquets to lift your spirits.

 For all mothers who are essential workers, YOU ARE SO APPRECIATED AND SO VALUED.  You showing up everyday during these times is teaching your children such an important lesson.  

 For all mothers, EVERYWHERE in the world, we are more connected than ever before through our struggles and compassion for one another.  May we never lose these connections. 


My daughters tell me that the last few weeks, I am always placing my hands together in prayer mode and bringing them to my heart.  “Why are you doing that, mom?”  “I don’t know how not to hug!” I respond.   So, I guess my expressive and active Italian hands have found something else to do during this quarantine; they come together in an intuitive prayer position and draw near to heart.  Let’s just say it’s next level jazz hands, right?!

My entire mom system wants to extend love, support and encouragement to every mom I see because this dynamic time means YOU moms, YOU have become the rock:  The magnificent, solid rock. Yes, perhaps you are shrouded in a multitude of complex roles; messy sweatpants with back pockets filled with Zoom meeting codes, worries about what lies ahead for your little ones carried in your hearts, no matter their age.

Maybe those rocks, gifted in the early years, were part of God’s divine plan.  Maybe those curious gifts that were seated heavy in our hands with beautiful and smudged messages were a reminder of how mothering, at its core, simply is.

This Mother’s Day, may you feel your earthly strength. May you feel connected to everything that energetically draws you towards your center.  May you feel decorated in adoring colors that represent your unique spirit.  May you remind yourself of all the positive adjectives that define you and plaster these across your surface.  May you line your own path, today and always.

Happy Mother’s Day.


Sending Love and Light from my Heart to Yours,

Mama Stump



4 thoughts on “Rock Solid

    1. So appreciating you and your endless encouragement. I love, so much, connecting with other parents as we all move through the highs and lows of this dynamic time. And you, Toni, continue to spread so much light even from afar!! xox


  1. Happy Mother’s Day Anna! Thank you for always putting into beautiful words the exact thoughts that are chaotically swirling in my head and on my heart. You are a ROCKstar and I’m thankful for you friend. Jenn XO

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