Anne Hubbard, Superintendent of Hope Elementary School

“Parenting is hard! One of the most difficult aspects of the role of parenting is feeling guilty about not doing it right and thinking that you are the only one who is completely clueless about how to navigate the ins and outs of raising kids. Another challenge is taking the time to forget about the difficulties being a parent brings and recognize the million and one wonderful little occurrences that accompany having the title of “mom” or “dad.” Anna Stump’s delightful blogs always bring me back to that perspective of appreciation – often just when I desperately need it most. Her words are easy to digest, yet powerful enough to evoke memories, a smile, a laugh, and a much needed redirection. Whether the blog is about a common children’s phrase of “I’ll be” to a hefty topic of breaking down walls, the words Anna writes seem to reach a deep part of me. For a busy, professional mom, her blog is a quick ride back to what is important. In our current social and political climate, CatchlightSB keeps me focused on family, gratitude, keeping an open mind, fun, my immediate surroundings, and something that oh-so-often gets pushed to the backburner – me. Thank you, Anna, for your snippets and glimpses and the opportunity they provide to reflect and find joy.”