Every single time our family heads down to a shoreline of any sort, the first thing our kids do is look for something to throw into the water. A small rock or stick or pebble will do. They toss it in or launch it as far as they can and then, instinctively stand back to watch what happens.

It is always the same. Whatever action, no matter big or small, the chosen object they tossed into the water makes circles. This has dumbfounded our littlest on many occasions.

“Let’s see if I can make a triangle!”

OK, go for it.

“That’s a circle too,” she states.


“Let’s see if I can make a square, or a squirrel!” (because shapes and animals are synonymous when you are 4 years old).

OK! Let’s see, I respond. It’s another circle, and it’s getting bigger!! It is getting much bigger! You made those circles!!

She lights up.

So it got me thinking, why do our children repeat this event over and over? And it seemed quite clear come the 15th circle in the water… to see what impact they make when they take actions in their surroundings. It’s a simple experiment, but also incredibly important for kids to repeat and prove over and over again. And perhaps, just as important for us as adults to repeat as well.

Now we talk circles a lot in our house. The other day, when our youngest was being ~ well, four, and pulling the big fussy moments out of her hat, I asserted, “You better shape up!” And without pause, she rebutted, “I’ll shape you into a circle!” Yikes. I backed down.  I am a bit off track but the point being that circles are talked about quite a bit around here, no pun intended.

How do we most impact our surroundings? Does it matter how big an action we make? Or more so who we are when we make it, and trusting who it will impact? Does it matter whether we are an adult or a child? Can the impact be the same or different? I think it matters most when you are just true to yourself. Age makes no difference in this impact game. Thank God. That means we still have time.

The funny thing about tossing things into water is that as the circles grow in their number and circumference, the inner ones disappear and the eventually, all becomes one.

There is an outward pull of our actions. This is undeniable. And all of our actions are connected. This too is undeniable.

I love the part in the movie Hook where the lost boys are trying to figure out if Peter is truly the one and only Peter Pan. The youngest lost boy holds and pulls at Peter Pan’s face, raising his glasses and smoothing Peter’s wrinkles and then says, “There you are, Peter!” And Robin Williams, as the lead actor looks at him and marvels in the delight knowing someone “sees” him for who he really is.

When we toss something into the water, we make circles but we also see our reflection. It’s powerful in many ways. It reaffirms who we are.

So when you go out into the wide world today, remember that things you do matter. But more importantly, WHO you are when you are doing these things matter. How you greet the person at the car wash matters. How you connect with the person at grocery store — that matters. How you forgive yourself and others, absolutely matters. How you bring you and your unique light to others, matters deeply, each and every time you bring “you” to anyone in your network of circles.

If I were to be shaped into anything, I wouldn’t mind being a circle. Certainly, I would fare better as a circle than a squirrel. ️

**This week, toss something into the water and remind yourself, you are intended for beautiful things.***


Focal Point… A few months ago, we were able to take our girls to hear Nick Vujicic speak about his life’s work. Follow Nick at as he speaks to purpose, faith and destiny. He is a living inspiration on what it means to be true to you, and make circles that hold great meaning.

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