*Because this weekend so many women showed up to have their voice be heard. And because waves of pink wasn’t all that was seen. It was waves of strength. It was waves of empowerment. It was waves and waves of perseverance, across the globe. And it was only the beginning… *

It’s paint was dripping off the walls like the years of weather and rain had brought out its most radiant sheen. The roof was fallen inward kind-of Gaudi-esk like it had endured weight and challenge. The windows appeared like deep-set eyes that had seen so much change of the seasons and felt so much happen within its’ walls. And the landscaping was a menagerie of all things colorful, mix-matched like a poorly done jello casserole.   When I saw it, the first thing I thought was “How BEAUTIFUL!!!”

It got me thinking, why I am only NOW seeing this forgotten building as beautiful?! I’ve probably passed it many times and instead of beautiful, I’ve called it derelict, run-down, out of its prime and nothing to behold.

A few months ago, I ran the “She is Beautiful Race” with our oldest daughter. As I stood in a flood of women adorned in all shades of pink with beaming smiles and contagious energy, I thought, what does BEAUTIFUL mean to me at this point in my life?

Beautiful is acceptance which allows everyone to always feel welcome to be themself.
Fernanda Friden, Ally Briano & Susan Arango

I’ve learned that Beautiful is finding your low point, then resting. Then putting one foot in front of the other and continuing on. So many women have taught me this and I am so grateful to them all.

Beautiful is generosity from the core of one’s heart.  Lisa DeSa, Kris Stump and my mom 💗

Beautiful is integrity-filled. Taylor & Christie Stryker, Lara Castagnola, Angie Stewart.

Beautiful is spunky, joyful and spirited. Our four daughters 💕💕

Beautiful is courageous.
Dana Mellon, Starshine Roshel, Joy  Jenkins and Linda Cymbala

Beautiful is natural; uninhibited. Brook Eiler and Cameron Lorenz.   

Beautiful is always seeing others for their best qualities and making others feel radiant because of it. Alex Arrequin and Ginny Miller 

Beautiful is genuine, neighborly care and support.   Julianna Zapata, Ronda Fallon, Cynthia Murphy, Katie Mahan, Cari Menchaca and so many more mesa mamas I adore.

Beautiful is daring to challenge yourself often and never seeing limits to what you can do.  Terra Fortson and Mignon Jones   

“Beautiful is showing up for others with presence and energy.” quote from Jenny Borum @ She is Beatiful Race.

Beautiful is supporting others in their goal-setting and being a constant presence to help out. China Cisney and Naseem Hyder

Beautiful is transparency and honesty because neither of these can show up unless self-confidence exists.

Beautiful is staying in connection with those you love. Every single one of my amazing female family members!!! Too many to list!!! And I feel so fortunate to have each of you 💗

Beautiful is humble which makes beauty even brighter. Cameron Walker and Eve Behl

Beautiful is unlimited and lasting friendship. Anne-Marie Matthews, Eva Strohmeier, Angie Green, Daniela Daoud, Jena Sprinkle, Tine Forest, Michelle Cole and Jessica Barker.

Beautiful is energy-filled which shines light for everyone. Margaret Hutten, Amber Azalove Wheeler (who is dearly missed) and Karen Putnam

Beautiful is mentorship, lifting others up with the skill-set you have. Stephanie Demiris,  Karen Pretchtel,  Anne-Hubbard and Margot Ward

Beautiful is strength, physically, intellectually and compassionately  Kelly Heath, Allissa Herbert and Tara Haaland-Ford

Beautiful is presenting to the world who we are and what we stand for Victoria Strong and Cristina Ricci
Carrie Peterson Andrews, Shannon Kelly-Gould

I know the above are only a few of the qualities that define beautiful and I know I have listed less than 1/2 of the incredible women I have met in my life that I see as stunningly beautiful.

I have learned that Beautiful is PERIPHERY. Because there is beauty EVERYWHERE if we can widen our vantage point.

The “She is Beautiful” race was a stunning testimony to women of all ages, and stages of life standing, walking running together to show up with their individual beauty. And it was much brighter than pink. It was BEAUTIFUL for as far as the eye can see.

*This weekend, that same kind of beauty was wide-spread and included so many men who support women as equals too.  It’s truly amazing that our small city of Santa Barbara had 6,000 people show up to march and show solidarity.   That’s a beautiful thing.   Waves of strenth alongside the ever-changing waves of the Pacific. 🙌🌊

#itsonlythebeginning #parentingforabetterfuture #wavesofstrength #catchlightSB






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